Pit Format OPP 2011 v1.0.3 for Windows 10


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The PIT SIZE OPP is a professional, non-profit organization dedicated to the program for the annual tax returns, so that taxpayers in a simple and fast way can settle pit.Sposobem, so that the program gets to you the amount of 1% of the tax is to insert in it permanently (optional, according to your wishes - by implication) the Member OPP with KRS in the appropriate fields of the program PIT PIT SIZE OPP.Funkcje the OPP FORMAT: * provides two ways to prepare your tax return: Wizard and Active declarations * as only a real wizard friendly system of "step by step"! * except eight types of account statements (T-28, T-28A, T-28B, T-36, T-36L, T-37, T-38, T-39) and 7 types of attachments (PIT-B, PIT-D, PIT-O, T-2C-T-M, T-ZG, T-Z) also contains four standard forms Tax (VAT-1, NIP-3, NIP-B , NIP-C) * able to send e-statements * print transfers to the Revenue * includes comprehensive documentation, a set of rules and a built-in control and contextual hints.